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Meet Our Students!
The Chocknok Family

Jason (Sergius) Chocknok, from New Stuyahok, and his wife Christine, from Chefornak, have three children: Cael (Nicholas), Annie Belle (Katherine), and Shane Emerson (John) who have grown up in New Stuyahok and Kodiak.  

Jason is a 4th year student.

“I asked our parish priest and the dean of the seminary for a blessing to apply for seminary so that I may learn more from the irrefutable Theologians who were bold to preach the Christ as revealed by Himself. This boldness from two parish priests was inclusive of all aspects of a complete Church. This inspired me, because many “denominations” only emphasize elements of the True Faith.”


The Kudrin Family

Jackie (Ana), daughter of Fr. Victor and Mat. Lena Nick, from Dillingham, and Deacon John, son of Molly Kudrin, from Anchorage have both been Orthodox Christians their whole life. Dn. John was recently ordained to the Holy Diaconate and Jackie (Ana) just gave birth to their first child, Julianna.

Ana is a 3rd year and John is a 4th year student.

“We came to seminary for the sole purpose, God willing, to serve God’s church and do this work to further the Alaskan people in the word of God. One day, God wiling, we will be ordained into God’s priesthood. “


The Larson Family

Alexander J. (Joseph) Larson, Sr. and his wife, Fannie E. (Sophia) Larson, from Akiachak, have five children and two grand-children:

Katherine (Catherine) Larson-Joseph and her husband Damien Joseph have two children, Gracelyn Annie (Alexia) and Sophie;

Kristine (Christine); Alexandria (Faith); Alexander B.; and Kiiya R. (Sophia). 

Alexander is a 3rd year student.

“I came to seminary because I wanted to learn more about my faith and my calling to come here. To help people out in the villages who are struggling for their faith even though they aren’t Orthodox.”


The Madsen Family

Roy (Herman) and Erika (Mary) were married last spring.  Erika is a lifelong Alaskan, having spent most of her life in Anchorage and five years in Fairbanks. Herman is from Kodiak.

Herman is a 2nd year and Erika is a 3rd year student.

“I am here to serve the church however I can.“ -Herman

“Prior to coming to Seminary, I worked in the field of Disability Services.  I worked for two years as a direct-care provider for individuals experiencing intellectual and mental health disabilities, then for four years as a case manager specializing in serving individuals who experience Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and individuals with behavior health challenges.  I was drawn to the Seminary primarily because of the Substance Abuse Counseling program.  After graduation, I hope to combine my experiences in social services with the theological knowledge I gain at Seminary to serve the Diocese of Alaska.” -Erika (Mary)


The Levi's
Sibling Seminarians

Among our group of students we have a brother and sister, Elena and Gulga (Luke) Levi, studying at the seminary this year. They are from Lower Kalskag.

Elena is a 2nd year student. - “The reason I came to seminary is to learn more about the Orthodox faith. What I learn here will be brought back to the surrounding villages.”

Gulga (Luke) is a 3rd year student. - “I felt there was a need for my community to learn more about Orthodoxy and its teachings. I feel it was my calling by God to come to St. Herman Seminary to learn and to teach.”

The Keene Family

James Keene and his wife Bernice are from Kasigluk and have five children: Brendon, Jeremy, Jolen, Timothy, and Jaymes. 

James is a 1st year student.

"I applied for seminary because I am starting to really love going to church, the service, choir, listening to the reader...confession, communion...wanting to learn more. To spread church to other people out there."

"Bert" Montiegel

"Bert" (Nicholas), or “Uppa Bert” to many young people is from the Lower 48 via Nome, Anchorage and  Dillingham

He is a 4th year student.  

“Following my retirement after nearly forty years as a teacher, college professor, and professional psychologist, I am at seminary in order to grow more as a person in service to God.  After graduation I want to combine what I've learned at St Herman Seminary with the skills I've acquired over a lifetime in order to assist others along their paths of becoming closer to God.   One never knows for sure the big plans God has for us, yet right now, I'm comfortable feeling that I am in the process growing ever closer to our Resurrected Lord and am becoming ever increasingly able to share with others all that has been given me.”


The Carlson Family

Teresa Carlson is from Larson Bay and is married to Rome Carlson with whom she has one son, Christian. 

Teresa is a 1st year student.

"I'm very concerned with our community and our people's spiritual, social, and mental well being...addictions have eroded away the very fabric of our identity. Our people wear these masks of addiction and have lost who they are. I believe that this is not only a social issue but a spiritual issue. This is where I believe I can be even more helpful to my community."

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