Wondrous is God in His saints! - 10/31/10

For the past 5 years St. Herman Seminary has hosted an All Saints party on
October 31, where our children dress up as saints and give clues to their
identity in an attempt to “stump” our faculty panel of judges. Every year seems
to be getting better, with children and families looking at lives of saints,
synaxaria, and the menaion for little-known facts about “their” saint. We also
enjoy carving pumpkins with images of icons, churches, and other Orthodox
themes and playing games. It is one of the community’s favorite social
activities and a good way to redeem a night in which the rest of the country
focuses on negative images. Wondrous is God in His saints!
The table is set
The community begins to gather
The faculty panel of judges prepares
The best costume of the night
Who's the soldier?
A group of saints
A young deacon
Giving clues to her identity
Probably the most difficult clues of the night
Of course some were more animated than others
A young St. Brigid
Everyone tries to guess
Of course there's games
Games aren't just for kids!
Some need help in finding an apple
Carving pumpkins with life-giving symbols
A time of great fellowship