Alaska at All American Council - 10/31/11

From October 31 to November 5 the All American Council of the OCA met in Seattle. Due to the Diocese of the West hosting the AAC so near to us, we were able to send 50 delegates from the Diocese of Alaska. Both the Seminary and the Diocese had displays and were able to share the life of our Diocese with the many people who stopped to visit our booths. Seminary staff Fr. John Dunlop, Archimandrite Juvenaly (Repass), and Dn. Irenaios Anderson attended the Council as well as seminarians Fr. Michael Nicolai and Dn. Andrew Wasillie. Our seminarians spent many hours in assisting the work of the Council, and our heartfelt thanks goes to them and the many volunteers who made this Council possible. The clergy of the Diocese led the 500-plus delegates in prayer at the Akathist to Our Lady of Sitka. It was a wonderful opportunity to visit our brethren in the "Lower 48" and remind them of God's work in His northern vineyard.