Pre-Matushki Society's trip to St. Nilus - 10/23/09

On Friday, October 23, three seminary women and five girls went out for a three-day retreat to St. Nilus Island, a woman's skete located about 20 minutes from Kodiak.  The four resident monastics treated us to a refreshing weekend of worship, work, and hospitality as we attended daily services, picked mushrooms, chopped wood, and enjoyed fellowship and delicious meals in the trapeza.  As we left, they made us promise to come back soon --- a promise we will happily keep!
M Neila's cell, located on the South side of the island
A shot of the chapel, looking North
KyeAnna couldn't quite figure out her life jacket
M Neila lighting the lamps in the chapel attached to her cell
Matushka Anastasia chopped wood.
We spent a long time walking in the woods and picking mushrooms
Fr. Martyrius graciously ferried the crew in the Archangel, the monk's boat
M Nina, the superior, shows us the new saw mill
Anna and Arianna looking at photos
Looking down the cliff
The five girls: Katherine, KyeAnne, Theresa, Anna, and Arianna
The forest floor