All Saints Party

On October 31st, the greater St. Herman's community held an All Saints party.  Participants dressed up as their favorite saint and tried to stump the panel of expert judges, giving as clues in the form of poems, as well as stories from the lives of their saints.  Other festivities included playing "chubby bunnies" and bobbing for apples, as well a delicious potluck and lots of candy.
Olga carved a beautiful pumpkin
Jacob dressed up as the Patriarch Joseph
Vanya was the Martyr Longinus
Seraphima was St Xenia of Petersburg
Dmitri was St Herman of Alaska
Theresa dressed up as St. John of San Francisco, complete with beard
St. John the Baptist and his head, by two brothers
Justina dressed up as St. Katherine
Nicolai siblings
Thor was St. George's dragon
Jimmy playing chubby bunnies
How many marshmellows can you put in your mouth?
The adults didn't want to be left out of the fun!
Bobbing for apples