Thanksgiving Feast!

For Thanksgiving Day, the Seminary held a feast in the refectory.  Herman and Olga, our cooks this year, served delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.  Each of the families also contributed their Thanksgiving favorites, and our table was spread with everything from piroq to green beans, akurtaq to jello salad.  After dinner musical selections included Fr. Juvenaly's piano performance of Chopin, and traditional Yup'ik dance lead by Michael and his family.
Andrei and Alicia enjoy the music
Tatiana and Andy, along with baby Christina, enjoy the feast
Michael, his wife Ann, and his daughter KyeAnna yuraq
The dessert table, surrounded by children
Alma and Ephrim pose for the camera
Ephrim holds Christina
Ephrim and Arianna laugh as the music begins
Lady and three of her children: Adam, Evon, and Agafia
Michael and Ann enjoy the "Alaskan turkey" (wild duck)
Michael prepares his drum
Olga and Herman, the best cooks!
Too much excitement for one day
Anders, with Justina and Koby, anxiously await the blessing to begin
Yako relaxes while listening to Chopin