2012-2013 Commencement Exercises - 05/19/13

Sunday, May 19, started with Divine Liturgy at Holy Resurrection Cathedral. Later that day St. Herman Seminary held its 40th Anniversary Commencement at St. Mary's School. The Very Reverend Archpriest John Jillions, Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America, gave the commencement address. Then the Very Reverend Archimandrite David (Mahaffey), Administrator of the Diocese of Alaska, presented the awards to the seminarians. A Diploma in Orthodox Theology was bestowed upon Nathan Anderson, and Reader's Certificates were presented to Sergius Chocknok, John Kudrin, Nicholas Montiegel, Sergei Olsen III, and Leonty Wassilie. Mary Ann Khoury, Coordinator for Outreach Alaska, spoke about the mission of Outreach Alaska and presented Nathan with a final check from his sponsor parish as well as an icon. A banquet followed the commencement exercises, during which staff, community members, and students shared words and songs. Graduate Nathan Anderson gave a wonderful speech reviewing his growth while at seminary and sharing how individuals (e.g., family members, staff, and students) supported him through the years. Another special presentation was the singing of the first-year students, who as group have represented all vocal choir parts, a first for the seminary choir. The seminary choir performed, followed by a duet by David and Nathan. It was a wonderful commencement. Thank you to all who attended, who helped set up and clean up, and who helped prepare food. We are grateful for the generous support of our friends and benefactors for making it possible for those desiring to serve the Church in Alaska to receive the necessary training to fulfill their callings in life.

Archimandrite David Mahaffey, Administrator of the Diocese of Alaska
Fr. John Jillions, Chancellor of the Orthodox Church
Lela and Nathan Anderson
Dr. Bea Dunlop, Fr. John Dunlop, Michael Trefon
V. Rev. John Jillions, V. Rev. John Dunlop, V. Rev. David Mahaffey, V. Rev. David Lowell
Fr. John Dunlop, Dean, extends welcome
Fr. John Jillions gives commencement address
Mary Ann Khoury, faculty and board of trustee members look on
Awarding of Diploma and Reader's Certificates
Nathan Anderson
Sergius Chocknok
John Kudrin
Nicholas Montiegel
Sergei Olsen III
Leonty Wassilie
Mary Ann Khoury, Coordinator of Outreach Alaska
Special presentation to graduate Nathan
Fr. David gives opening and closing remarks
Award recipients
with Nathan and family
Fr. Innocent, Fr. Juvenaly, David, Fr. David, Fr. John, Fr. John, Fr. David, Nathan, Dn. Irenaios, Mary Ann, Daria, Bea
David and Denise Anderson
Fr. Juvenaly and Fr. John
Bea and Vanya Dunlop
Roy and Herman Madsen
Bennita Berestoff, Vladimir and Daria Simeonoff, Judge Madsen
Linda Madsen with Alexander and Fannie Larson
Fr. Gregory and Marlene Parker
John Kudrin and Jackie Nick
Iver Malutin
Judge Madsen
Nathan Anderson gives speech
Alexander Larson
First-year seminarians sing
l-r: Sarjus Moonin, Alex Larson, Jackie Nick, Gulga Levi, Erika Johnson, David Young
Seminary choir
Duet by David and Nathan
Fr. John with the Madsens
Nicholas Montiegel, Matushka Veronica Dresdow, Mother Gabriella