Per Native Alaskan tradition, each year after Nativity (Slaviiq), community members participate in "starring."

Starring is a Native Alaskan practice roughly akin to Christmas caroling, and practiced by different Native Alaskan tribes. In the village, everyone follows a large, brightly colored paper star with an icon as it went from house to house. In each house, the star is spun while songs in Yup’ik (in our case), Slavonic, and English are sung.  In some customs, this is followed by a short homily.  Then food is served, ranging from candy and cookies to a full meal.  In the Kuskokwim tradition, gifts are distributed by the hosts to each guest; these include bowls, spoons, socks, towels, or shampoo.  Then the star moves on to the next house.  While the custom was brought to Alaska from Ukraine nearly 200 years ago, it has become a truly Alaskan Orthodox custom, and – while both fattening and exhausting – is a wonderful celebration of the Nativity.

Christ is born!  Christos rozdayetsya!  Kristussaq Yuurtuq!