The faithful of Kodiak were blessed this past weekend with a visit from the Locum Tenens of the Diocese of Alaska, Bishop Benjamin of San Francisco.  While here, His Grace ordained seminarians Anders Wassillie and Michael Nicolai to the rank of sub-deacon.  Furthermore, he ordained St. Herman staff member Irenaios Anderson to the Holy Diaconate.  Congratulations to the newly ordained!

The clergy greet His Grace
Subdn. Irenaios leads Michael to his ordination
His Grace prepares to ordain seminarians Anders and Michael to the subdiaconate
Anders is tonsured
Subdns Andrei and Anders lead Subdn Irenaios to his ordination
"Command, Master!"
The grace divine...
Axios! Axios! Axios!
The new deacon's first litany
After the prayer behind the amvon
Eis polla, eti despota!