St. Vladimir's at St. Herman!

For the past six days, the students and staff at St. Herman have hosted three visitors from St. Vladimir's Seminary: Fr. Chad Hatfield, Chancellor of St Vladimir's, and two student deacons, Ignatius and Lucas.  On Thursday morning, Fr. Dn. Ignatius gave a presentation on pastoral care and counseling; in the afternoon, Fr Chad spoke on missiology.  On Friday, Fr. Dn. Lucas spoke on homiletics, and in the afternoon, each student gave a brief homily to show what he had learned.  St. Herman was very blessed by their presence, and is eager to continue the blossoming relationship between the sister seminaries.


Fr, Ignatius speaks on pastoral care
Break-out sessions
Practicing active listening
Fr. Chad presents some books to the library
Fr. Chad speaking on missiology
Listening intently
St Herman's own M Gabriella and Fr John join with Fr Chad, Fr Ignatius, and Fr Lucas
Fr Lucas
Ephrim listens intently
Paying careful attention
Preach it!
Student preacher Prokopy
Taking careful notes