Feast day of St Vasily Martysz

Today the Seminary celebrated the feast day of a little-known American saint, St. Vasily Martysz.  He came to Alaska in 1901, and served in the Kodiak area, in Afognak (now Port Lions), and on Spruce and Woody Islands. He also lived and served in Pennsylvania, but returned home to his native Poland as the head of military chaplains and was martyred by Polish Nationalists on May 4, 1945 at his home in Poland.  He was very instrumental in the Orthodox Church of Poland receiving autocephaly.  For his complete life, please see http://dioceseofalaska.org/pdf/martyr_vasily.pdf

Holy Martyr Vasily, pray to God for us!
Prokopy reads the hours
Anders reads the Epistle
Andrei reads prayers
The gleam of the chapel in the morning sun
Bless, master!
The little censing
Fr. John preaching
In peace, let us pray to the Lord!
With the fear of God and with faith, draw near!
Holy Father Vasily, pray to God for us!