St. Herman Commencement Exercises

On Sunday, May 30, St. Herman Seminary held its 37th annual commencement at St. Mary's parochial school.  The Seminary graduated the Priest Ishmael Andrew, and awarded reader's certificates (two-year program completion) to Subdn. Michael Nicolai, Subdn. Anders Wassillie, and Yako Pavila.  The keynote speaker was Fr. Robert Arida, dean of Holy Trinity cathedral in Boston, MA.
Fr. John opened the night
Bishop Benjamin was in attendance
Fr. Robert Arida gave the keynote address
The seminarians listened attentively
The stage
Bishop Benjamin spoke briefly
Priest Ishmael Andrew receives his Diploma of Orthodox Theology
Subdn. Michael Nicolai receives his Reader's Certificate
Yako Pavila receives his Reader's Certificate
Subdn. Anders Wassillie receives his Reader's Certificate
All current SHS students
Subdn. Anders and his family
Fr. Ishmael and his extended family
Mary Ann Khoury, from Outreach Alaska, presents graduation gifts
The perfect bag for Fr. Ishmael
A set of vestments from his Outreach Alaska sponsor
Fr. Ishmael briefly spoke
Traditional Yup'ik dancing