Nativity Semester Begins! - 08/30/10

St. Herman Seminary began its 37th year with two days of orientation. As a special blessing to the students and faculty, the founder and builder of St. Herman Seminary, Fr. Joseph Kreta, came to give an opening inspirational talk. Fr. Joseph shared that the building of the seminary was a enormous undertaking for one man, but it was only with the help of God and St. Herman that it was possible to do the work. Fr. Joseph gave this to be a witness to each of us, that it is with the help of God and His saints that we also can accomplish God’s work in our life, no matter how difficult or large. Along with Fr. Joseph there were two other guests who were co-strugglers with him in the early days of the seminary. First was Ben Ardinger, Director Emeritas on the St. Herman Seminary Board. Mr. Ardinger was an important assistant to Fr. Joseph as they planned and built the buildings that now form the seminary campus. The next early founder was Judge Roy Madsen, who spoke about the early legal assistance he gave the seminary so it could become incorporated in the state of Alaska. At the end of our meeting, many expressed gratitude for the legacy that they have passed down to us. We thanked them for sharing the early years of the seminary, asking them to continue to pray for us.

Fr. Joseph greets new seminarian
Fr. Joseph speaks of the joys of the early days
Fr. Joseph with Fr. John Dunlop, Dean
Mr. Ben Ardinger
Judge Roy Madsen
Mat. Maria, Fr. Joseph's wife, shares stories
Group photo after talk