Course Announcement
Course Announcement

Saint Herman Seminary to offer courses to the general public

Saint Herman Seminary in Kodiak Alaska has finalized plans for classes for the Fall Semester of 2020.  Due to the Corona Virus the students will not be returning to the campus to continue their education but will be using distance learning techniques for all courses.  In addition to the returning students from the previous years, there are currently three new students entering the seminary for their first semester.

Among the courses offered to the students this year are two courses being taught by His Eminence, Archbishop David that will be made available for the general public.  The two courses will be offered in the evening to allow for more participants in those courses.  His Eminence received the endorsement of the Board of Trustees for this new approach and support its implementation.

Archbishop David wanted to offer these courses with greater availability to those who are not currently enrolled in seminary as a way to introduce them to seminary-style education.  Anyone who has an interest in these topics, or wants to “test the waters” to see if seminary is a good choice for their future is urged to apply.  The non-traditional students will be offered two forms of participation, credit-use and auditing.  Credit-use students must comply with all of the required assignments, written and oral, as well as all exams offered during the course.  Those who wish to only audit the course may sit in on the courses, but they do not do assignments or exams; they also receive no credit for the course and cannot participate in dialogue during the class sessions.

The two courses being offered are Introduction to Doctrine and Canon Law (CANON 302), and Comparative Religion (COMP 302).  The CANON 302 course will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 PM beginning on September 8.  The COMP 302 course will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, beginning on September 9.

To enroll in the courses, or simply to seek more information students are asked to write to Saint Herman Seminary Office at: or call the seminary during regular business hours at:  907-486-3524.  Be sure to include “course interest” in the topic line of your email.  You may also contact the Chancery of the Diocese of Alaska at:  907-677-0224.  New applicants will be accepted through Labor Day for both courses.

St. Herman Orthodox Theological Seminary exists to proclaim the Gospel message within the particular context of Alaska.

The particular context of Alaska is the future of Orthodoxy in North America.

Alaska is multi-cultural, vast, blessed with six of North America’s saints, and yet is burdened by the crushing weight of 21st century materialism, hopelessness, addiction, and abuse. Alaska is the place of indescribable beauty, the physical experience of the omnipotence of God as expressed in our harsh climate and infinite seas, and in the divine sensitivities and resilience of those who have lived here for ages. We are, at the same time, a place of ancient villages, modern cities, subsistence fishing, and rocket launches.

Alaska is the bridge from the glory of Orthodoxy’s history in North America to what –by the mercies of God—will be the glories of Orthodoxy’s future in North America. St. Herman Orthodox Theological Seminary invites you to travel that bridge.

We are a seminary for those who take seriously, “faith without works is dead...” and whose faith is very much alive. We are the intersection of Orthodox Tradition, the 21st century’s most pressing challenges, and the realities of one’s home parish. If you are hands-on, on-your-knees-in-prayer, and arms-linked with other servants, then St. Herman Theological Seminary may very well be the place for you.

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